After so many months postponing this, I’ve finally updated my personal website Link to heading

The previous version of my website had a minimal and clean design, which is quite similar to its current version. On the homepage, it displayed all of my work-related websites along with my social media profiles. The About, Publications, and Contact pages were all filled out, but unfortunately, they were all outdated. I had always dreamed of having a Blog section, but unfortunately, it was just an empty page with a huge “TO DO”, a reminder to myself. I wanted to add new pages to my Blog section frequently, but it was technically challenging, and this led me to feel discouraged. Therefore, I decided to make some changes to my website, primarily in the backend, so that I can now experiment and add new content to my Blog section more frequently.
Previous website style
In the current version of my website, I have made some changes. Specifically, I have removed some unnecessary icons from my homepage and replaced my profile photo. However, I have kept the same clean and minimalistic design that was present in the previous version. Additionally, all of the other pages have been updated, and I have managed to reconfigure the backend so that I can now post new pages to the Blog section with ease. Another new feature is an icon in the bottom-right corner that allows the user to change the color scheme of the website (dark mode). Although the changes may appear subtle to you, for me, they represent a significant overhaul and have essentially resulted in a completely new website to work with.
Current website style
If you are thinking about making your own website, I recommend you to follow this tutorial. Just to you know, I am using the Coder theme from Hugo, but of course I have made some changes to it.