Hi, I’m Mathias, a Brazilian computer scientist passionate about mobile robotics. While pursuing my Master’s and PhD degrees, I’ve gained experience in computer vision and several robotics problems such as mapping, localization, navigation, object search, and exploration. I’ve also developed strong teamwork and communication skills, allowing me to effectively work with other researchers toward a shared goal.

After so many years as a member of the Phi Robotics Research Lab, I have decided to move to the industry to challenge myself in a different environment and apply all the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. Currently, I help Instor to design and build different types of autonomous ground robots for many clients.

Although I’m no longer a member of the Phi Lab where I used to study for hours on end, my passion for acquiring new knowledge has remained unwavering. The topics related to the perception field in robotics is becoming more important everyday, mainly due to the high-level tasks that the mobile robots are performing these days. Hence, my current topics of interest to expand and master are sensor fusion, object detection and tracking, image and point cloud segmentations, and machine learning applied to perception problems in the robotics field.

As the world is not just about robotics unfortunately, I also like to spend my time listening to podcasts, talking to friends, and watching videos on YouTube.